At Home For The Holidays: More Room To Celebrate At Rockwell South At Carmelray

As we wrap up 2020, we’re rediscovering what makes a good home for our family This 2020 has really made us better appreciate our own homes. Who would’ve thought that we would be staying inside the house for months on end, with only the comfort and company of our family? This really has become a turning […]

Rockwell Land creates ideal spaces to grow, thrive in the south

By: Amy R. Remo – Reporter / @amyremoINQ Central amenity lots in Rockwell South at Carmelray enjoy easy access to the expansive amenity area. Among the things to have come out of the months-long quarantine is a newfound appreciation for lush open spaces, recreational parks and nature. A few minutes of breathing fresh air and […]

Rediscovering Life Amid Nature

The grass is always greener on the other side, where the great outdoors welcome you with open arms. Here’s why living amidst nature is great for our holistic wellbeing. The city life is great – who doesn’t love to be inspired by a glittering concrete jungle waiting outside your window? But truth be told, it […]

Rockwell Land’s offering in the south set to enhance lifestyles

Never has South Luzon been as exciting as it is today. While Calabarzon has long been recognized as one of the main growth drivers of the Philippine economy for being a major industrial and manufacturing corridor, there has been an increased focus and interest lately on this region, which is comprised of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, […]

A new home of adventures in the South is coming

The South has long become a favored residential destination of many urbanites who have opted to trade the intoxicating excitement of city life for the comfort and solace of the suburbs. A cursory look at the South of Metro Manila and you’ll see it teeming with an eclectic mix of residential communities and pockets of […]

5 Fun (And Safe) Family Activities To Do At Home in Laguna

You can still have fun with loved ones while keeping safe. Here are fun family activity ideas to do in your own home in Laguna.

How And Where To Host An Intimate Outdoor Celebration Safely

By Jove MoyaThe Barbeque park in Rockwell South at Carmelray offers a safe space for people who want to enjoy the outdoors with a small number of peers. Because of the restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, many get-togethers have been put on hold. Luckily, there are outdoor areas where it is safe to host […]

Top 4 Tips to Consider When Buying A Family Home in Laguna

Congratulations! You have settled on Laguna as the location of your family home. Location is one of the primary considerations in a real estate purchase–and one of several decisions involved in shortlisting your options. As you get closer to securing a property, you might be asking: what else should I consider when buying a family […]

Indoor and Outdoor Family Activities at Home for a Vacation-like Weekend

A year spent at home can have any family eager to go on a trip. But what about planning a weekend filled with activities to do at home instead? Since the quarantine was first implemented in 2020, we have all been forced to stay indoors in compliance with social distancing measures. Family trips and vacations […]


Request a quote on pre-selling residential lots in Laguna here.


Request a quote on pre-selling residential lots in Laguna here.