4 Interior Design Ideas For Spacious Homes

By Ryanne Co Have a lot of room? Here are some of our top tips to maximise your home’s most spacious areas Too much can be a good thing, especially when it comes to real estate. Recent times have emphasized the importance of spacious and well-curated homes. Having a sizable lot not only affords you much needed space […]

The Value of Residential Real Estate in Laguna

The home greatly affects the quality of life, as peaceful surroundings can make for a stable sense of wellness. For instance, while living in the metro does have its perks, there are a few trade-offs. Depending on where you live, it might take a relatively long amount of time to get from one place to […]

These Trends Are Shaping the Filipino Home of the Future

What will our living spaces look like in the future? Over the past year, there’s been a great change in the way we consider our living arrangements. The pandemic, they say, has changed everything—but among the greatest and most palpable changes are those that we feel in our own homes, which have become makeshift offices […]

Here’s why living in nature has its perks—especially for your kids

We all know being near nature is good for us—and it might even help our kids grow up better, too By : ANDREI YUVALLOS  For a good number of people these days, living in a residential village with individual houses and lots have become a rarity. To save on commuting time and cost, a lot of […]

5 Fun (And Safe) Family Activities To Do At Home in Laguna

You can still have fun with loved ones while keeping safe. Here are fun family activity ideas to do in your own home in Laguna.

How And Where To Host An Intimate Outdoor Celebration Safely

By Jove MoyaThe Barbeque park in Rockwell South at Carmelray offers a safe space for people who want to enjoy the outdoors with a small number of peers. Because of the restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, many get-togethers have been put on hold. Luckily, there are outdoor areas where it is safe to host […]

Top 4 Tips to Consider When Buying A Family Home in Laguna

Congratulations! You have settled on Laguna as the location of your family home. Location is one of the primary considerations in a real estate purchase–and one of several decisions involved in shortlisting your options. As you get closer to securing a property, you might be asking: what else should I consider when buying a family […]

Indoor and Outdoor Family Activities at Home for a Vacation-like Weekend

A year spent at home can have any family eager to go on a trip. But what about planning a weekend filled with activities to do at home instead? Since the quarantine was first implemented in 2020, we have all been forced to stay indoors in compliance with social distancing measures. Family trips and vacations […]


Request a quote on pre-selling residential lots in Laguna here.


Request a quote on pre-selling residential lots in Laguna here.