Lot Buyers’ Checklist: Consider This Before Purchasing a Lot

Thinking of buying land? You may want to look into venturing outside Metro Manila. While acquiring your own real estate within the heart of the city sounds enticing, living in Metro Manila’s residential villages may mean dealing with the daily city traffic and the urban hustle and bustle. All of these can have an impact […]

Where Should I Build My Next House?

Deciding where to build your family’s house and plant roots? That is no easy decision to make, with several factors to take into consideration.   The pandemic has led families to reconsider the idea of city living and explore other possibilities where their family can enjoy a better quality of life, as many set their […]

Things to Consider in Selecting a Private Community For Your New Home

With more families looking to move out of the metro, there are several horizontal developments worth considering. But what should you look out for in choosing the best private neighborhood for your new home?   After the pandemic has kept everyone indoors, families in Metro Manila are reconsidering where they want to raise their children […]

Life in the South: The Advantages of Living a Little Further from Metro Manila

The trend of moving out of the metro and living in suburban neighborhoods is on the rise. Here’s what city-dwellers ought to know about countryside living.   Thinking of living in the suburbs? Deciding on putting down roots, or even relocating to a new home with your family is a big decision. That said, there […]

The Benefits of Living Near Parks and Open Spaces

Thinking of trading high-rise sights and city skylines for lines of trees and spacious lawns? Over the years, city-dwellers from Metro Manila have become more open to the idea of living outside the city. The metro’s congested state, as well as the prolonged period of staying indoors since last year, has convinced people to diversify […]

Rockwell Land delivers ideal dev’ts for your investment portfolio

Written by: Amy R. Remo Amid the continuing recovery of Philippine real estate, the luxury segment remains resilient and rife with fresh opportunities for investment. Over the last several years, the country has seen luxury residential properties gaining more ground, leading to a significant 27 percent year-on-year increase in property prices nationwide, reported Santos Knight […]

The Unveiling of Another Cluster in the Progressing Rockwell South at Carmelray

Written by: Metro.Style Team Embracing the true essence of southern living, Rockwell South at Carmelray is a sprawling 60-hectare master planned community situated in Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna.   The lush expanse of Laguna has long beckoned those seeking an escape from the bustling cityscape. Tucked away in this serene province lies the vibrant enclave of […]

Seamless living in the South: Exploring a well-balanced lifestyle at Rockwell South at Carmelray

Written by: Dwyane Yra Dinglasan COVER Residents can enjoy the open spaces at the 1.9-hectare Rockwell Country Club at Carmelray. (Photo: Courtesy of Rockwell Land)   With its strategic location and relaxing atmosphere, Rockwell South at Carmelray has become Donna and Reynard Chua’s chosen home in Laguna In the serene embrace of southern living in […]

Building Your First Home? Here’s How To Make The Most Out Of Your Lot

These tips will make building your house seamless! CREATED WITH ROCKWELL SOUTH AT CARMELRAY Building a house is both an exciting and challenging milestone. Planning starts long before the actual construction process, and filling in an empty lot can be akin to being faced with a blank canvas with many opportunities. This is why consulting […]


    Request a quote on pre-selling residential lots in Laguna here.


      Request a quote on pre-selling residential lots in Laguna here.